Great Clothes Crappy Times

These Pan Am stewardess uniforms designed by Hollywood-based costume designer, Ane Crabtree are on historical point- girdles and all.

The Fashionista in me enjoys the satorically stunning slice-of-history series like Pan Am, Boardwalk Empire and of course the doyenne of the genre, AMC's Mad Men, I can't help but think: The clothes of the era were sharp but it sure was a crappy tiem for women - not to mention minorirties -  who lacked basic civil rights, earning potential and sexual freedom.  Read more in today's Mirror, Mirror column. Still, we must admit that these chic, cerulean skirt suits, designed by Hollywood costume designer, Ane Crabtree, are hot.  They look so great that we think there are going to be an onslught of Pan Am stewardess Halloween costumes. How do you feel about these retro looks?