Michelle Obama is Striking in Southwest Philly

Michelle Obama (left) and Jill Biden drew about 3,000 to yesterday's rally. Her look is motivational.

How amazing and proud, residents of Southwest Philly must have felt Wednesday night when wife of Presidential Candidate, Michelle Obama asked them to register and vote for her husband, Barack Obama!  Dressed in a belted, black skirt suit, Obama, along with Jill Biden, rallied residents to register to vote. Her husband,  she said, understands their life struggles.  After all, Barack Obama, was raised by a single mother, who sometimes had to rely on the government for assistance. He knows struggle. "Don't you want a president who brings that perspective?" Michelle Obama asked. "This is personal and I know these issues are personal for so many of you because you are feeling it every day."

It seems like we can't say it enough: the possibility of Barack Obama as President will mean so much to African Americans, who have often felt less than second class citizens. Michelle Obama well-dressed and well-spoken, complete with black and white flowers on the lapel of her Sunday go to meeting suit, reminds us of our mothers and grandmothers. It's a style that we can take comfort in. One that validates that despite our struggles, we should be respected.  One that has the power to motivate Southwest Phildelphians to Get up, Stand up and Get dressed up! Only then will change come.