Lady Gaga Nominated a Style Icon by CFDA

The Council of Fashion Design of America is to fashion what the The Academy is to movies.

So it's a big thing when the CFDA names Lady Gaga Fashion Icon of the Year.  Although I find her fashions unnerving, -  remember the meat suit? I applaud the CFDA! It proves that the organization - that can be somewhat  behind the curve, is getting up with the times. Marc Jacobs will receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. (Click the link above for the complete list of nominees.)

But that won't stop me from noting that Media-based Karen Giberson, president of the New York-based Accessories Council bestowed this honor on Lady Gaga two years ago. Now if that's not a shout-out to Philadelphians knowing what time it is, I don't know what is.