Kanye West 's New Air Yeezy Sneaker is 300 bones. Huh?

Nonetheless, Kanye and Nike have collaborated to make the Air Yeezy sneaker.  (Young Jeezy, C-Breezy, (Chris Brown) Weezy (Lil Wayne) ) I can't take all these eezy's, it must be the new urban Pig Latin, but whatever.  The men's-only shoe will be available Saturday starting at 10 a.m. at the Villa (formally Sneaker Villa) at 52nd and Market Street. Here is the catch: these kicks are $300! We know Kanye has lost his mind, but has Nike lost its mind too?

I have so many problems with this.

Let's start with aesthetics: From a fashion standpoint, these kicks are just weird. We know that Kanye hasn't been wrapped too tight lately. And I know the West derived Battlestar Galactica look is hot with the frohawk,  the oversized glasses and  the fitted version of the Miami Vice blazer, but these sneakers are just not hot. The forefoot support strap is simply a blast from velcro sneakers past.  Orange is a good color and the pink lining for men is definitely  forward, but The Y's along the base of the shoe, which I'm assuming stands for Yeezy, is overkill. Why are these sneaks worth $300?  Louboutins, yes? Yeezys not so much. (And I'm a Kanye fan) Next month Nike will release a black on black color way and in June they will introduce a beige version. Maybe those will justify the price tag.

Speaking of price, here is my real issue: Three hundred dollars in this economy for a sneaker marketed to young people? Come on! It saddens me that Villa - which I'd like to say has a  really good track record for its community awareness - would hype this up. Already people are camping out. It's one thing if the sneaker was available in stores, but creating a frenzy and only having 18 pairs available in the most economically depressed and violent are in Philadelphia is not really thinking things through. Is it?  That's a recipe for disaster. I just hope Kanye isn't so hot that people bum rush the doors. There would be nothing fashionable about that.