Kanye West to Debut New Fashion Line At New York Fashion Week

Kanye West, the 34-year-old temperamental rapper who admits to "shopping  so much he should speak Italian," will be debuting a line of luxury women's clothing at New York Fashion Week this September. The line is planned to be a collaboration between Kanye and British knitwear designer, Louise Goldon.

I kid you not.

Now I like Kanye. I really like Kanye - I bought his first three albums (He kind of lost me when he went hard rock.)  I even think he has a pretty decent sense of style - sans the big old shades - that I would describe as urban, European chic. But just because one dresses well, doesn't mean that one should be a fashion designer. Yes, yes, I know Kanye has been studying the "art of fashion." He's been interning with Fendi and Raf Simmons. He even debuted shoe with Louid Vuitton. And he seems to have replaced Russel Simmons as a front row fixture at fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York.  But does that make him a designer, or a groupie?  I know, I know celebriteis have been designing their own lines for years now, but this move, like everything Kanye does, feels so impetuous. (For the record, Kanye launched a men's wear line in 2008 called Pastella but it never was sold in stores.)

I'm not going to knock the line before I see it. But there is something about a woman's line, presented by a man who collaborated to write the song, Kanye's Workout Plan, that makes me a bit worried. Like I said, I'm a fan of Kanye's music; however, the fashion world doesn't need one more bratty male designer more interested in what he wants than what women need.

What do you think? Can Kanye make it as a fashion designer?