John Galliano - Designers Behaving Badly

John Galliano outside a Paris police station. He said on Wednesday he had co-operated with police in their investigation. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA

There used to be a time when high fashion was synonymous with class.  When I think Coco Chanel I think of an era of old Hollywood class.  In other words, well behaved.

No more.

These days when I think high fashion  I often think of loud, garish and cheap behavior.  Maybe it's the empty headed Real Housewives of Wherever who jam their closets with the labels. Is it it me, or is it that a Gucci, a Versace and even a Dior just aren't that special anymore. (Nobody can kill a fashion cache like NeNe Leakes, but I digress.)

I can go on and on about this, but what got me on this topic is the recent nasty behavior of Christian Dior's John Galliano. Who does that little man think he is? He's talented, yes,  and nobody made tinted eyewear bigger than he, but c'mon. Such anti-Semitic remarks are completely unacceptable, and rude. (Kudos to Natalie Portman for refusing to wear a Dior dress on Sunday.) Galliano says he's sorry for the remarks and is cooperating with an investigation, but does it really matter now? What's done is done.

Reportedly, Galliano is at an unknown rehab facility.  And there has been a lot of speculation as to who will replace him, including Elber Albaz of Lanvin or Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy.  But the reality is that high fashion has allowed the designers and the consumers to deflate it's fabulousness. There is nothing wrong with reaching the masses, but does it have to be so base?  High fashion facade has become just that, a facade, don't you agree?