Islamic Women Opening Fashion Boutiques

Aisha Alam likes to shop at Islam Fashion in Queens, N.Y. (Photo by Zoe Read/CNS)

According to this article written by master's candidate at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Zoe Read, more Muslim women are opening boutiques that help Islamic women follow fashion chastely.

Read writes:

In the United States, Muslim women have struggled to find clothes that satisfy both religion and fashion in American stores. It is often difficult to buy outfits that cover the legs, arms and chest, or tops that are long enough to cover the buttocks.

More religious Muslims who wear traditional clothing, such as an abaya (a loose over-garment) or a kaftan (a variant of a tunic), are often limited to a handful of Islamic stores that usually don’t carry a wide selection.

Is this the case in Philadelphia, where we have a sizable Muslim population? Are there any Islamic designers in Philadelphia  who are making and manufacturing clothing here in the U.S? We'd be interested in doing a story. E-mail me at