I Still Wanna Wear My UGGs

According to a story in the New York Daily News,  UGG Australia - and other reasonable facsimiles - are bad for my feet. Say it isn't so.  How can these warm, comfy flats be dangerous to the skin on my soles. Apparently the warm furry, shoes are a breeding ground for germs and since UGGS are made from thick sheepskin, the boots don't get a chance to breathe. That means the athlete's foot you may have contracted and gotten rid of last winter may still be living in them. Oh No! I haven't met a boot more comfortable then UGGs. And I need them now, especially in this post-snow freezing cold weather. I'm gonna try spraying the insides of my boots lightly with a bleach solution. Maybe this will kill harboring nasties. I just love my UGGs too much to give them up. Would this make you stop wearing UGGs?