Hillary, Michelle Do It in Blue

Blue was the color of choice at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night. (AP/Getty)

The Democrats were really feeling their party's shade of  blue Wednesday night. But instead of a clear azure, we saw softer shades ranging from sky blue to turquoise. Michelle Obama wore a sea blue sleeveless frock with flowers  along the neckline. While Hillary Clinton opted for a more sky blue suit with really nice pearls. (Another nice choice, Hillary.) Jill Biden sparkled in an ocean blue knit dress while her husband Joe, predictably wore a sky blue tie as did Bill Clinton.  Nancy Pelosi, in her tailored satiny lavender jacket,  kept her stunning ensemble in the blue family too.

Also, read this story in today's Inquirer about how you can get Michelle Obama's look, locally. Readers, thanks for the interest and the story idea!