Here she is: First Lady Susan Corbett

A First Lady's gown is usually a big deal - except not in the state of Pennsylvania, we guess.  We reported a story about Susan Corbett's inaugural gown by Camp Hill designer Richard Andries two weeks ago. We saw sketches, but we haven't seen a photograph of the dress until now. What's that about?

I saw Mrs. Corbett at the Inauguration where her gown was definitely a head turner,  but no one  - not even AP took any pictures of her. Bummer. We know this isn't high stakes fashion, but where is the respect?  What does Mirror Image really think? We like the silhouette and the fresh sheer sleeves (Sleeves are coming back in evening wear, it appears. Just ask Golden Globe Fashionistas Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway) But the mustard yellow embroidered fabric is just not our cup of tea. It's just too busy and not sleek. We would have preferred something - at least a little - sparkly. Sheen is key. What do you all think of the gown?