DC is Where It's At... Everyone is here...

ben's chili bowl
Ben's Chili Bowl. The excitement on Monday was centered at U-Street. Here is where Obama stopped.

And I do mean everyone. From Oprah Winfrey to Diane Von Furstenberg (maybe she designed Michelle Obama's dress) to filmmakers John Singleton and Spike Lee. At Sunday night's Root Party, we saw Tom Joyner, Michael Eric Dyson even Larry King. The energy is electric. The whole city is boiling over with excitement. On Monday afternoon historic U Street was packed. Jamie Foxx had a party.  Jay-Z had a party. Women in ballgowns and ballet flats and men dressed in tuxedos filled the Metro. An Obama Metrocard is the keepsake of the week. (Along with the map, of course.) The line at Ben's Chili Bowl (Where Barack Obama ate on Sunday) wrapped around the street down the alley on U Street for hours and hours and hours. Monday afternoon. Restaurants are standing room only. (It took us three tries to actually order some food)  There was even an all Stevie, all night party Monday night to celebrate Obama (Thank you Spinna. When are you bringing Stevie to Philly.) All of this in below freezing temperatures. Noone feels the bitter cold when they are making history.