Capucci On The Nails

So you went to The Philadelphia Museum of Art's fascinating Roberto Capucci: Art Into Fashion exhibit and you want a little piece of the larger than life  look for yourself? Well, Center City's Laurentius Salon has you - you, art lover, fashionista diva - in mind. On Wednesday Laurentius will introduce a Capucci-inspired manicure, the manicure special will run through June 6, to coincide with the exhibit. Beautiful?

What is a Capucci-inspired manicure?

Well, for one, it costs $35. And it's a shiny, black and white color-block look based on Capucci's hooded, Homage to Vasarely (1965). The process takes about one hour. After prepping the nails and cuticles, manicurist Robin Campbell applies a base coat and two coats of Chanel’s dazzling Black Satin polish, followed by a layer of opaque white polish done in a free-hand color blocking design. The Capucci-esque architectural look is finished off with a sparkling clear top-coat.

It looks pretty classy to me. And very in thanks to this season's pearl gray colors, that I predict will move right on in with us to spring. Laurentius Salon is located at 815 Christian St.  Call  215-238-0764 for an appointment.