Bye Bye Project Runway's Pamela Ptak.

Man that was fast.

In one week. Out the next. That's what happened to Pamela Ptak, the  47-year-old Drexel University professor who was eliminated Thursday night from Lifetime's fashion reality television show, Project Runway. (Glad I set the DVR.)

Designer Pamela Ptak of Bucks County, one of the seventh-season 16 on "Runway," tomorrow on Lifetime.

The 15 designers' challenge was a good one. They were instructed to turn a potatosack into something so fantastic the model could wear it to a cocktail party. The winner,  Jay Sario,  frayed his burlap with such detail the mini skirt looked like feathers. It was a good look.

Ptak dropped the ball because her dress, a strapless shift that was deemed too short by the judges, was boring. There was nothing exciting about the silhouette... AT ALL.  The judges added that Ptak's model looked fat. (They seem to hate unflattering silhouettes just as much, if not more, than shoddy construction.) The judges were, however,  impressed with Ptak's construction  and that she was able to dye the dress to look just like denim.  But Ptak's frock was so boring the judges opted to keep Ping Wu - whose dress exposed the model's  booty cheeks -  rather than give Ptak another chance. (Sad face here.)

I'm disappointed. I thought Ptak showed a lot of promise. The dresses on Pamela Ptak's web site ,  are chic and beautifully made. When Ptak was interviewing for a spot on the show,  Runway mentor, Tim Gunn said her work was nearly flawless.

Still on the seventh season of Runway,  our girl gets eliminated in just round 2.  It's a shame. Who knows, maybe they will ask her to come back. In the meantime it's a shame we didn't get see more of Ptak.

Did you watch Runway? Do you agree with the judges' decision?