Butler Bag back on QVC

We first wrote about Jennifer Groover's snazzy innovation, The Butler, bag in Spring 2007. I was intrigued with the practical fashion aspects of the satchel. Groover figured out a way to separate the inside of the bag - much like the inside of a dishwashing machine - so that we women can store their Blackberry's, makeup, and pens and pencils in compartments. That way we don't have to dig inside the bag for our stuff as we are running for trains, chatting on our cell phones. etc., etc. Genius!

I found the bag useful when I went out for a night on the town, or shopping, but difficult for every day use because the compartments left little room for my reams of notebooks.  But it's not a Reporter Butler Bag, so it's all good. (Note to Jen, we reporters need one of those) Today, Groover's Villanova-based company, was profiled in Market Watch as it is one of the few actually making money in this recession. And on Thursday, Dec. 4, at 4 p.m., EST,  Groover host her Butler Boutique collection on QVC. It's an exclusive collection priced for under $99. Check them out, but do it quickly. The bags sold out in under four minutes when she introduced them on QVC in October. We think we'll add the Butler Bag to our holiday fashion wish list. (coming soon) Does anybody out there have a Butler Bag? What's your experience with it?