Bringing Back Pantyhose

Last summer I wrote a column about how pantyhose were a relic of the past.

It's amazing how fast fashions change.

I'm advocating pantyhose this summer. Where do you fall in the pantyhose debate?

I'm thinking that this year, I'm more of a proponent of hose. Here are my reasons:

1. Pantyhose really do finish an outfit, especially this year's neutral shades. There is something about a sheened leg on a taupe skirt paired with a bone shoe that's updated, ladylike and hot.

2. Pantyhose hold it on all again and give you a smooth look. These neutral tones have a tendency to show lumps and bumps Pantyhose give you support camouflaging even the smallest jiggle.

3. A little sheen can add even more sparkle to your day time look.

That said, one must be careful that your pantyhose looks don't make you look outdated.  For example that ankle-length Town Dress you bought at Old Navy earlier this year does NOT require pantyhose. You will be hot and how can you show off a pedicure with hose? You should generally go pantyhose-less with most sundresses, in fact.  These are fun looks that don't require reinforced toes. Speaking of reinforced toes, you should never sport them with your hose, unless you are wearing a closed toe shoe.

If you are wearing hose with that bone pencil skirts, your hose should be the exact color of your skin-tone. One shade off can make your updated, chic look ashy.  And you don't want that. I'm also a big proponent of ultra sheer. Ultra sheer hose will always give you that wanted sheen.

Lastly, I think drug store hose are just as good as ultra-expensive brands. Either which way, I just get one wear out of them $1.99 vs. $12, you decide.

What do you all think of pantyhose? Will you wear them more this summer? Or, are you a perpetual fan of the bare leg? Did you ever stop wearing pantyhose?