We may never know who Jill Kelley is wearing

Okay, I have to admit it, I'm obsessed with Jill Kelley's closet

And the sad thing is there is a chance I'll never learn the designers behind Jill Kelley's phenomenal dresses because fashion designers don't want to be connected to this scandal at all.

"They will never admit it," said my friend Sean General, a New York fashion insider who has branded designer labels including Shamask, David Rodriguez and Nima. "They just don't want their names connected with this kind of scandal.


Still, this hot pink sheath is absolutely beautiful. Again she expertly paired her shoes with silver sparkles. I knew this woman - she's a local girl by the way - was gonna be a hot dresser. But just because the 37-year-old mother of three has  fabulous fashion taste, doesn't mean she's in a good place. The woman is flat broke. And the LA times reported this week that Kelley's thin resume, troubled family, and shaky finances has garnered Kelley a reputation for being a "Tampa Kardashian."

The lesson here, just because you have great clothing and can be considred a socialite, doesn't mean you aren't tacky.

Still, I'll be label watching.