Atlanta Housewife, Cynthia Bailey's Modeling Agency
Atlanta Housewife, Cynthia Bailey is opening her own modeling school, The Bailey Agency. What do you all think? Did you watch The Housewives of Atlanta?

So in between blah blah from NeNe and Sheree - NeNe does need to get her teeth fixed -  and the fabuloisty of Phaedra, we learned Sunday night on The Housewives of Atlanta that Cynthia Bailey wants to start her own modeling agency, The Bailey Agency. 

She has brought in the help of America's Top Model celeb, Miss J. Alexander. So what do you think? I agree that too many models think they are auditioning for rap videos, but does the world really need more models? Does Cynthia have a shot? Everyone should have a chance, right? Do you watch Housewives. On another note, I think that Sheree is still the best dressed on the show. Do you have a favorite style form an Atlanta Housewife?