A Pocketbook That Charges Your Cell Phone, Word!

A PhD student from Iowa is working on a pocketbook that charges cell phones and I-pods, according to a story published this morning by Environment News Service. Can you imagine how hot that would be? No more loosing juice at the end of the day. No more texts from the Happy Hour to girlfriends warning, "Don't worry if you can't reach me. I'm here. My phone is dead!" No more waiting till you get home from the mall to tell your mother about your shoe find. That's what I'm talking about!

Inventor, Joe Hyneck  is a mechanical engineering student at Iowa State University. He created the purse embedding thin films of photovoltaic cells in the fabric. So you would just drop the phone in and Voila! The purse is not yet on the market, as Hyneck is still working out a few kinks. He's also created solar handbags for women and ties that charge cell phones are on the horizon, he says.

We like the idea, however, we aren't too crazy about the style. That metallic nude look is too yesterday. Give us some bright berry colors. Think purple, magenta, cobalt blue that pop with a mix of hardware and patent. What do you think? Would this solar powered cellular phone come in handy in your life?