A Party at Rittenhouse Square's Barneys Coop.

Wednesday night the new Barneys New York Coop was brimming with all who was fashion in Philly from Tuesday Gordon of boutique, Joan Shepp to film diva Sharon Pinkenson to bigwig with the state and soon to be television show host Toni Crawford Major. Also there was Steven Ward a local hottie and host of the VH1 show Matchmakers and Reuben Harley, known for putting local sportswear company Mitchell & Ness on the map.

Fashion publicists Peter Breslow, David Neff and Nicole Cashman were in the well dressed house, in a fitted brown T, sharp pinstripes and delicate florals, respectively.  Greeting everyone was sure soon to be a force in the fashion industry, Candace Shane, the Coop's store manager.  Barneys held the party with Philly Style Magazine. Thanks for the invite,  John Colabelli.

Photo by Elizabeth Wellington. Derek Warburton at Barney's Coop party Wednesday night. Warburton is in town filming his on-line shopping show, Derek Loves Shopping.

I spent most of my time chatting with Kate Egan about fashion, crystals and life. The Los Angeles native and owner of very cool jewelry boutique, Egan Day. While sipping on summer cocktails - gin and tonics and this mohito-like but amazingly more tasty concoction.  We were surrounded by clothes. Beautiful, wonderful clothes a bowed-dress from Diane von Furstenberg, a billowing,  fire engine red Michael Kors frock,  skinny pants and walls and walls of jeans.

But for all the fashionistas and all the clothes, I met an emerging fashion personality, Derek Warburton from New York.  Warburton is in town filming episodes of his on-line fashion show, Derek Loves Shopping. The flamboyantly dressed personal stylist -right down to the Comme des Garcons hat pin he used to secure his fedora - will be filming at local style destinations: Lost & Found, Joan Shepp, Petulia's Folly, Leehe Fai, Knit Wit, Plage Tahiti and Matthew Izzo.  The first time I saw him was under the Bryant Park Tents in February where he was wowing the crowd. Warburton has decided to put the spotlight on boutiques which, he says, are taking such a hit during the economic recession. He might just make it happen.

Have you been to the Barneys Coop yet? What do you think?