Catsuits for 2010? Oh No!

I want to be clear. I'm not suggesting that any of us start wearing shiny, leather catsuits, but I can't deny the truth: this extreme look is sleek, sexy and H-O-T.  The look should be reserved for celebrities - and even they should proceed with caution.  Still,  I've seen people. Real people. Philadelphians out enjoying the nightlife wearing skintight one pieces - of the lace variety, no less. One of my friends questioned the legality of being barely naked under strobe lights. I beg you, please stop!

Before Jennifer Lopez strutted out last week in the shimmery, silken one piece,  by costume designer Paula Bradley on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show,  singers Beyonce and Alicia Keys have also been bold enough to wear the look in their music videos. Do we have their boldness to be thankful for?

Jennifer Lopez performs on New Year's Eve. A 41-year-old mother of twins shows she still has it.

On one hand fashion will be more sophisticated this season with a focus on bespoke tailoring and details. But on the other extreme, we are squeezing into pieces that just aren't appropriate. Dresses are too short. Pants are too tight. We are talking about lady of the night variety. Not good! 

Thankfully random exposure is not the only trend we have to look forward in 2010 - Jeggings, detailed pants, sheer blouses, exposed zippers, peep-toed flats will also be must have items. Young designers will continue to find their place and challenge traditional luxury brands. We will continue to shop our closets and sales will be fewer and far between. What would you like to see come in style in the coming months? For more fashion predictions,  read on.