Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go matchy matchy to the BET Awards

Dear Fashion Gods:

If last night's BET awards are any indication, please tell me that matchy-matchy is not back in style for couples. Say it isn't so. We did like Kim Kardashian's white, long-sleeved (yes long sleeves can be sexy) Versace-like white dress that looked like it has an open zipper along the back. But did rapper Kanye West have to wear a sloppy pair of white jeans and a T-shirt? Why was he trying to match with her? Or did he even notice? Maybe they were test-driving outfits for Diddy's Labor Day white party in the Hamptons? Whatever it is, make it go away.

And what exactly did you style gods all have in mind when you inspired Jay-Z to squeeze in that shiny gray suit. Again, his wife  Beyonce's one-shouldered chartreuse dress by Stephane Rolland was almost on point - the jury is out on the stalagmite-style belt. But Jay and the white shoes made the couple look stodgy. Not vintage, stodgy. Okay, the white shoes were better than sneaks, I guess, but it all seemed so forced. Why do I feel that there is going to be a run on men's white shoes this week?

What do you think? 

That is all, fashion gods.