RIP to the Stylish Heavy D

Obit Heavy D
In this Oct. 1, 2011 photo, rapper Heavy D, also known as Dwight Arrington Myers, performs during the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. A representative confirmed Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 that the singer and former leader of Heavy D & the Boyz died. He was 44. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

As a child of the Hip-hop generation, the passing of Heavy D has got me down. Heavy D -Dwight Arrington Myers - collapsed in his Beverly Hills home on Tuesday. He was just 44.

Dang it.

Heavy D wasn't just a rapper, he was your average  cool dude. He was probably one of the first ambassadors for accepting body image - good and bad. Known as the "Overwieght Lover," MC Heavy D made big sexy. He was after all, "Mr. Big Stuff."  He didn't rap about food like the Fat Boys, but about love "Dontcha Know?" and "Somebody to Love Me For  Me." In the emerging age of gangsta rap, Heavy simply rapped about living life the best way he could.

He appeared to be mischievous and fun-loving.  His music was infectious and he voice became easily recognizable;  he was the voice behind the peppy 90s comedy "In Loving Color" theme. 

And Heavy had style. He never looked sloppy. He always wore dark shades, his curly hair was always cut into a tight fade (High top or low depending on the era)  and his suits were tailored. Heavy D was rarely, if ever, seen in droopy baggy pants and his puffy leather jackets were so very Polo-esque. And remember those Coca-Cola shirts in the Mr. Big Stuff video? I had two. 


Over the years, Heavy - who topped out at 395 pounds - had lost 190 pounds. I recently saw him in a guest appearance on TV One's Tracy Morgan show and remarked that he had lost a lot of weight.  At least the brother was trying.


Shout out to Heavy D. He will be missed.

Between the Michael Jackson memories, the death of Joe Frazier and now the loss of Heavy D, Generation X just can't seem to get a break this week.