Study finds Center City the most popular neighborhood for infidelity

Philadelphia, if things continue like this, we may have to make the change to the “City of Perpetual Philandering.” If these data are to be believed, we are rampant with cheaters, and those cheaters prefer upscale locales to get the deed done.

According to a study from extramarital affair facilitators Ashley Madison, Philly has some 118,444 cheaters on that site alone. With that much of a spread, they decided it’d be pertinent to tally up where that laundry list of infidelity-loving Philadelphians goes to pursue their, erm, “hobby.” The results are as follows:

1) Center City (9.43%)

2) University City (7.05%)

3) South Philadelphia (5.99%)

4) Camden Wilmington (4.2%)

5) Olney (3.52%)

6) Frankford (3.28%)

7) Port Richmond (3.22%)

8) Bella Vista (2.99%)

9) Roxborough (2.79%)

10) Mayfair (2.58%)

Center City takes the cake for trolling for strange, followed by University City and the venerable South Philly. Good on you, Roxborough and Mayfair, though—surprisingly low levels of dirty, dirty, cheaters in your midst.

So, there you have it, folks. Philadelphia: terrible for dating, pretty great for cheating. It’s an honor.

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