Science finds peeing in the pool may harm your health, is definitely gross

We’ve all been there. It’s hot outside, you just stepped into the pool to cool down, but there’s a problem: You’ve got to pee—and bad. You weigh your options, noting that the restroom is a little far away and the water feels so good. So, you go with option B. Because, really, a little pee in the pool never hurt anyone, right?

Wrong. So, so wrong.

A new study has found that the uric acid in pee can mix with the chlorine ordinarily found in swimming pools to create new compounds that cause respiratory problems in swimmers. Researchers at the China Agricultural University and Purdue University authored the study, saying that peeing in the pool could cause asthma and other ailments.

Seriously, quit it:

“Uric acid, found in urine, accounted for 24 to 68 percent (depending on temperature, water pH and chlorine condition) of the byproduct cyanogen chloride in the pool water samples. Cyanogen chloride can affect multiple organs, including the lungs, heart, and central nervous system via inhalation.” 

But before you get all high mighty about not peeing in the pool, please note that previous studies indicate that your average swimmer drips out up to two shot glasses of urine every time they swim. We are all guilty. 

The path to redemption, though, starts here. Please, don’t pee in the pool this summer.

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