‘SELF’ magazine editor ousted after #tutugate

SELF magazine announced today their intentions to replace editor Lucy Danziger with Joyce Chang following last week’s so-called “#tutugate,” in which the magazine mocked a cancer survivor for wearing a tutu while running a marathon. 

A former executive editor at Cosmopolitan, Chang will take over Danzinger’s duties, though the magazine has not said what exactly caused the change. Though, given the ire resulting from SELF’s brief takedown of cancer survivor Monika Allen, the guess probably isn’t a tough one to make.

Danziger has since publically apologized to Allen, a San Diego-based runner, cancer survivor, and benefactor of the Girls on the Run charity. However, it would appear that the magazine’s decision to include her donning one of the tutus she makes to benefit the charity on their “BS Meter” department came before they knew all that. Additionally, the photo the magazine used showed Allen running the marathon in the midst of chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.

Twitter has since dubbed the ordeal #tutugate, using the hashtag to lob their beef at the magazine—and with good reason. SELF, for its part, has now retired the “BS Meter” section, and that’s in addition to ousting Danziger. Though, again, SELF has not tied #tutugate directly to Danziger’s termination. 

“I had no intention for anyone to lose their job,” said Allen in a recent interview with NBC. “I just wanted an apology, which I received.” 

That, however, doesn’t appear to have been good enough for the rest of the internet. Chang will take over May 1.