Oscar Mayer to make everyone’s morning better with bacon alarm clock

Generally speaking, when you see a product that’s too good to be true on the internet, it probably is—we need only look to this week’s viral hoverboard disaster to prove that point. Oscar Mayer’s bacon alarm clock, though, is real. Gloriously real.

A good majority of people out there probably would like to wake up to the scent of freshly frying bacon, but we live in a world of harsh realities and a severe lack of breakfast meats ready on demand. Oscar Mayer’s newest effort won’t give you the actual meat itself, but at least you’ll be able to marinate in its heavenly odor for a while before you get up and start your day.

Essentially, the idea is to use an iPhone app to control a companion device that emits the smell the entire internet is apparently clamoring over. Sadly, though, that companion device is unavailable to the general public as of yet, with Oscar Mayer requiring interested parties to enter a contest on their site. Somewhat disheartening, but rest assured that the dream is ever so slowly becoming reality. Bacon-scented reality.

Of course, though, if you can’t wait for a general release, you could always go the DIY route. This set of plans from Make magazine will wake you up with bacon’s scent, and then even reward you with some actual meat.

We are living in enlightened times, people.