Director Tatia Pilieva pairs off 20 strangers for love in ‘First Kiss’

First kisses are supposed to be awkward, but ordinarily no one is around to watch. First time director Tatia Pilieva is changing all that with First Kiss, her new viral short that’s taking the internet by sweet, adorable swarm. And it’s not nearly as creepy as you’d think. 

Pilieva paired off 20 strangers and asked them to kiss for the clip, leading to oddly romantic encounters that are less awkward than they are fascinating. Gay or straight, old or young, Pilieva’s subjects lead in awkwardly, but quickly fall into what can only be described as intense chemical attraction. Well, the good ones, anyway. 

Please, though, don’t try this out in the street. Without the camera, you’ll just look like a weirdo.