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7 summery sangria recipes

Summer patio parties call for pitchers of sangria to pass around.

7 summery sangria recipes


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Summer patio parties call for pitchers of sangria to pass around. For punch newbies, this alcoholic drink is usually made with wine mixed with fresh fruit and juice and served over ice. It's that simple, but if you need some flavor combinations, then here are seven recipes to start you off.


Watermelon Rosé Sangria

While watermelon, raspberries, and peaches tower high in markets, marinate them in a Rosé sangria. One pitcher will go quick, so plan accordingly if a large party is in store.


Honey-Sage Sangria

Rosé stars in this simple honey-sage sangria, adorned with lemon peel rather than chopped fruit.


Peachy White Wine Sangria

The rainbow assortment of fruit in the peachy white wine sangria is the true showstopper. Present the pitcher to the crowd before stirring it up and serving.


Tinto de Verano

You would never guess it, but lemon-lime soda is the star ingredient in this red wine spritzer.



OK, the pinot-grita is more of a frozen margarita made with white wine, but add a splash of orange liqueur, and it fits in the sangria category, right?


Strawberry-Peach Sangria

Red wine, peach liqueur, and rum surprisingly taste light and refreshing in this strawberry-peach sangria.


Mango-Orange White Sangria

Sweet and sippable mango-orange white sangria is almost too palatable on a hot Summer day.

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