'X:Men,' 'Hanna' Top Fun PIle of DVDs

The week's DVD releases were better than average. Matthew Vaughn's cheeky "X:Men" prequel "First Class" is the big title, and it was certainly a step up from the franchise under Ratner. MIchael Fassbender made an amusing Magneto (pre-conversion), and he was half as much fun as Kevin Bacon's villain Sebastian Shaw, megalomaniac captain of his own groovy, 60s submarine, complete with bachelor pad.

 Joe Wright's "Hanna" was another eccentric actioner. Saoirse Ronan is a teen girl with extraoridinary powers of ass-kicking, the result of a rogue CIA experiment. Now she's being pursued by the woman (Cate Blanchett) who commissioned her, leading to teen-Bourne globetrotting adventure, and supporting work for Olivia Williams. Also Jessica Barden, who was so funny in "Tamara Drewe," and is good again here.

"Everything Must Go" is one of the indies that most sticks in my mind this year. WIll Ferrell has an offbeat role as a reformed alcoholic who falls off the wagon, losing his job and his house. His wife chucks his  stuff out on the lawn, where he decides to live -- a visual idea that never gets old. Ferrell plays it straight, has nice scenes with Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, Christopher Jordan Wallace, Biggie's kid.