This Week's Picks

A big batch of comedies on DVD this week, with "Paul" the best of the lot. 

"Sean of the Dead" stars SImon Pegg and Nick Frost are Comic Con and UFO geeks touring the Southwest when they run into a real alien (animated, voiced by Seth Rogen) on the run from men in black. A funny road/chase movie ensues, Kristen Wiig joins the gang, Sigourney Weaver has a funny cameo. 

There's also Danny McBride and James Franco in the world's first raunchy medieval pothead comedy, co-starring Natalie Portman. Plays as though the writers and directors did a lot of first hand reefer research during the creative/shooting process. McBride is much funnier this week in the theatrical release "30 Minutes or Less."

Rainn WIlson headlines the super-black superhero comedy "Super," a middle aged version of "Kick Ass" about a wannabe crime fighter. Some effective moments, but you may find the escalating violence excessive. With Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon.

If you can stand another ensemble wedding comedy, you might try "Jumping the Broom," with Angela Basset, Mike Epps and Julie Bowen, though it opened to unenthusiastic reviews.