'Real Steel' Shows Mettle

Hugh Jackman's boxing robot movie made nearly $30 million over the weekend, trouncing George Clooney's "The Ides of March" ($10 million).

BO Mojo reports that "Real Steel" had the best opening ever for a boxing movie -- besting the $20 million of "Rocky 4."

But is it a boxing movie? I'd say 25 percent boxing, 75 percent sci fi robot brawl, which would place it in more of a "Transformers" genre, where it's no threat to break any record.

AMong the holdovers, "Dolphin Tale," "Moneyball" and "50/50" show good word of mouth. "What's Your Number," not so much.

New this week: The "Footloose" reboot, a reboot of "The Thing," "The Big Year" with Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, a home invasion thriller with Nic Cage and Nicole Kidman called "Trespass," which may get a very limited release. One suburban theater, rumor has it, but that's unconfirmed.