Oscar Aftermath Part IIl

 Sometimes you sense the 99-percent sympathizers in Hollywood have more in common with the 1 percent than they’d care to admit.
Witness the Ben Affleck acceptance speech as he hoisted the best picture Oscar, teary-eyed, giving a hey-I’ve-been-there pep talk.
“It doesn’t matter that you get knocked down or not. What matters is you get back up.”
At that moment, he was not just best picture winner, but the beloved star of the Ben Affleck Redemption Story.
He’d been knocked down, but he got back up.
Which got me wondering: What horrid exile had Affleck withstood since he last held an Oscar, for “Good Will Hunting” in 1997? What were his unendurable interim living conditions?
 First let’s try to date his fall from grace. Five years after “GWH,” he was starring in “Armageddon” and taking the lead in the Jack Ryan franchise, so that wasn’t it.
Maybe it was 2003, when he starred in the unloved “Daredevil” and Gigli,” leading to a string of movies that included “Paycheck,” “Jersey Girl,” “Surviving Christmas,” “Clerks II” and, in 2006, “Hollywoodland,” although he was pretty good in the latter as George Reeves. 
At any rate, by 2007, he was directing “Gone Baby Gone,” discovering a new career as a sought-after director.
So that leaves us with, what, four years? During which he was gainfully employed, dating Jennifer Lopez, marrying Jennifer Garner.
 Oh, the humanity.