Old Milwaukee Outsmarts Bud

Many, many thumbs down for the this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials.
Dogs and babies in various combinations, used to sell beer and chips. The nadir: an elderly woman in a Hover-round, probably due to her Type 2 diabetes, sling-shotting an infant through the air to grab one more bag of Doritos.
But was there a really good Super Bowl commercial you didn’t see, because you don’t live in Nebraska?
Judge for yourself. Here are a bunch of Super Bowl beer ads featuring Will Ferrell.
Old Milwaukee came up with a viral end run around the $3.5 million tab for a national Super Bowl beer commercial. They paid $1,500 apiece to run ads on Midwest stations, then used YouTube and Twitter to make national noise about them (for free, of course). So far, the YouTube hits for the Old Milwaukee spots vastly outnumber those for the expensive national spots.