New on DVD

There is a first class adaptation of "Jane Eyre" available on DVD this week, directed with moody panache by Cary Fukunaga ("Sin Nombre") and with a steely title performance by Mia Wasikowska. Michael Fassbender makes a fine Rochester, though he was a better Magneto.

On the action front there's "Priest," meh, and this week's romcom is "Something Borrowed." It's about the tangled affections of wealthy, at times repulsive Manhattanites (Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin). Largely forgettable, but with one hilarious line about Ralph Lauren and the Hamptons. May play better on small screen.  Robert Redford's earnest legal drama about the trial of LIncoln assassination suspects "The Conspirators" also had a made for TV feel. 

Blu Ray owners can enjoy the special edition "Big Lebowski."