Movies Giveth, Movies Nearly Taketh Away

A nine year old boy obsessed with "Black Hawk Down" -- to the point that he dresses as a medic and runs around pretending to save people -- actually performed movie CPR on his drowned sister and saved her life. This report overturns all conventional wisdom on the effects of exposing children to violent movies. Don't send you kids to medical school. Rent "Black Hawk Down." Or "Saw." 

Meanwhile, an air traffic controller got caught watching a Samuel L. Jackson movie when he should have been watching the radar. And what was the movie that so riveted this controller, distracting him from his life-saving job? Was it "Snakes on a Plane?" No, a straight-to-video thriller called "Cleaner," co-starring Ed Harris, Eva Mendes and Luis Guzman. It opened in Finland in 2007, and grossed $50,000 its opening weekend.  

At least he wasn't asleep.