Mighty Disappointing Numbers For 'Macs'

"Mighty Macs," the locally made, shot story of Immaculata's '72 womens college basketball championship run, starring Carla Gugino as coach Cathy Rush, opened weakly over the weekend.

It made just $1 million at 975 locations, posted a per-screen average of about $1,000. BO MOJO reports the "Macs" missed its target number, without saying what it was. "Macs"  obviously failed, in a big way, to reach its G-rated target audience of family viewers. The movie's marketing push may pay off as a way to help the profile of a  DVD release.

"Macs" wasn't the only new release to be crushed by "Paranormal Activity 3," which opened at better than $50 milllion. "The Three Musketeers" ($8m), "Johnny English Reborn" ($3.8) million also put up skimpy numbers.

New this week: "Puss N Boots," "The Rum Diary" "Anonymous" and "Martha Marcy Mae Marlene."