Marvin Gaye Role to Terrence Howard?

I spoke to Terrence Howard yesterday about his upcoming Tuskegee Airmen movie "Red Tails," (story to move next week) and in the last few seconds he mentioned he's just been offered the lead in the long-rumored Marvin Gaye biopic.

Howard said he did not know the director, but rock journalist/director Cameron Crowe ("Almost Famous") has been trying to develop the project for four years. Crowe was rumored to be going forward with Howard as his lead in 2010, but the project never materialized.

An offer to Howard does not mean the project will get off the ground, but it's good to know Hollywood is still trying to make it happen.

Howard has been on a roll recently -- he plays Nelson Mandela in "Winnie," starring Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela. In "Red Tails," his composite character is modeled in part after African American West Point grad and pioneering pilot Benjamin Davis. Howard's character name in "Red Tails" is a nod to Eugene Bullard, African-American member of the WWI Lafayette Escadrille.