'Inception' of a New Age?


Scientists have reportedly used internet feeds to allow one rat to plant ideas in the head of another rat, sometimes a continent away.

When a rat in North Carolina learned to solve a simple problem, electrodes picked up his brain activity and fed it to another rat in Brazil, over the world wide web. The untutored Brazilian rat was then able to solve the same problem.

What does this mean? It means “Inception” and “The Matrix” are making the transition from science fiction to science fact. Also...

“This tells us,” said a scientist, “we could create a workable network of animal brains distributed in many different locations.”
Hmm. A network of brains, wired to solve a problem. Perhaps one day soon Leonardo DiCaprio might use a Delco battery and some jumper cables to plant pragmatic revenue and deficit ideas in heads of  congressional republicans and democrats.