Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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"Help," Helen atop the Heap

Box Office: Another Heaping Helping of "The Help"

"Help," Helen atop the Heap

I hate to keep blabbing on and on about the women-at-the-box-office thing, but "The Help" won the weekend again, beating back a couple of horror movies.

It's the first movie since "Inception" to reign 3 straight weeks, and in its fourth week, it's weekend BO actually INCREASED a percentage point, no doubt due to the holidays. It's stiffest competition came from "The Debt," starring 66-year-old Helen Mirren, more circumstantial evidence that Hollywood leaves money on the table by going after the male-youth demo at the expense of movies with an all-ages appeal to women. And the best holdover from the previous week was "Columbiana," Zoe Saldana's movie.

I think the help will lose it's hold on the number this Friday, when the crowd-pleasing "Warriors" opens alongside the star-studded "Contagion," but I'll bet "Help" keeps its srong word of mouth following. 

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