DVD Picks

Sorry for the low volume of posts -- fishing in Wyoming this week, Montana next. I heard something about it being hot back in Philly. At 12,000 ft. this am, it was 39 degrees. We had a snowball fight. It did heat up in the afternoon -- to about 75.

If you don't want to venture out this weekend, you could do worse than "Limitless" on DVD. A fun thriller featuring Cooper as a blocked writer who obtains an experimental drug that gives the user super brain power, but kills you if you take too much.

Cooper romances Abbie Cornish, squares off with Robert De Niro. This was an important movie for Cooper, coming on the heels of Matt Damon's "The Adjustment Bureau," and just before Jake Gyllenhaal's "Source Code." This was Cooper's first big test as a lead, and he passed -- outdueling both Damon and Gyllenhaal.

The DVD features an alternate ending, which is the one thing "Limitless" could really use. The theatrical ending was pretty weak.

As for the fishing, the Snake is still unfishable from the historic snow pack's massive runoff.

Wildlife plentiful, however, and the beer is very cold.