Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Chronicle:" From Out of Nowhere

"Chronicle" Box Office: Super Surprise

"Chronicle:" From Out of Nowhere

The no-name teen sci-fi thriller "Chronicle" won the weekend, beating big name Dan Radcliffe in his post-Potter horror movie "Woman in Black."

"Chronicle" -- a smartly made movie and that rare teen genre picture with a working moral compass -- had a first time director, screenwriter (although Max Landis is John Landis' son) and mostly anonymous cast, but put up $22 million to nip "Woman." That's a nice number for a teen-male targeted picture on Super Bowl weekend. 

As for the Super Bowl -- the Patriots stand aside to allow the Giants to score a touchdown. Remind you of anything? The Eagles normal run defense. 

Opening this week -- the Star Wars Episode One 3D release, "The Vow," 'Safe House" and Madonna's "W.E."

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