'Captain America,' 'Attack The Block' on DVD

Still to early to say what the best movie of the year will be, but my personal favorite, in terms of pure fun, will probably be "Attack the Block."

You may not have heard of it, because it was barely released here in the states, but it's pedigree includes some of the same guys who made "Sean of the Dead." It features newcomer John Boyega (terrific) as leader of a teen gang that repels an alien invasion of an apartment complex in the UK (where Nick Frost has a penthouse pot farm).

A great time at the movies -- clever, inventive, funny, and scary, despite the low-grade special effects. Impressive work from writer-director Joe Cornish, working for producer Edgar Wright. Both Wright and Cornish, by the way, contributed mightily to Steven Spielberg's adaptation of "Tin Tin," which has gotten some early raves, including this one in "The Hollywood Reporter."    

Also this week -- "Captain America: The First Avenger," a solid, old-fashioned superhero movie featuring Chris Evans in the title role, the gorgeous Hayley Atwell as the female lead. The movie did nice business, and was competently directed by Joe Johnston, an old Spielberg hand.  

Johnston also directed "Jurassic Park III," one leg of the just released repackaged trilogy of JP movies. There's also a Laurel and Hardy retrospective out this week.