Box Office/This Weeks Openings

Michael Bay's hype over "Transformers" 3D paid off -- the audience for "T3" was 60 percent 3D, way over the 40 percent that "Thor" and "Green Lantern" were pulling in, thought to be the new industry norm as consumers back away from the technology and the mark-up,.

So although attendance was down relative to parts one and two, the "T3" numbers were solid, thanks to the 3D premium.

"Cars" was off 60 percent -- it's Pixar's first word-of-mouth failure.

"Larry Crowne" opened weakly, and drew an audience that was 80 PERCENT over 35. Exit polls also show heavy use of Depends undergarments and Super PolyGrip. The numbers prompted an anonymous studio exec to say "there are bristlecone pines younger than this movie."

 "Bridesmaids" surpassed "Sex and the City" to become the top drawing R-rated movie with a female cast. It's now Judd Apatow's top grosser, besting "Knocked Up."

This week: Kevin James in "Zookeeper," Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey in "Horrible Bosses." We talk to Charlie Day. 

At the arthouse, the German road movie "Vincent Wants to Go To Sea," also translated as "Vincent Wants to Sea."