Auds Love 'Help,' Flee Glee

Hollywood is scratching its head over missed projections this weekend -- both "Glee 3D" ($5.7m) and FInal Destination 5" ($18m) came in well below track. 

One way to ensure they both perform better next time? Combine them into one movie. That I would pay to see. 

Good news for "The Help" -- it made $25 m over the weekend, $35 m since last Wednesday, and is one of two 2011 releases to earn a A+ from Cinemascore (the other is "Soul Surfer" !, just out on DVD).

Another anomaly -- just as the Wall Street Journal was ready to pronounce 3D dead, along comes "Final Destination 5" to earn 75 percent of its BO from 3D admissions, a return to the glory days of "Avatar." 3D admissions had dropped to around 40 percent of total as audiences began to tire of the phenomenon, or shoddy versions of it.