'Attack the Block' Hangs On

The weird and unprecedented local release pattern for the highly enjoyable British sci-fi/horror/comedy "Attack The Block" gets weirder.

It's one week run in Cherry Hill ends today. Tomorrow it opens at the Regal Plymouth Meeting and the Regal Marketplace Oaks.

The studio seems not quite sure what to do with it. They know it's good -- polling at almost 90 percent on rottentomatoes.com -- so they want to give it a release. But they also know it has no marketable stars (Nick Frost is the biggest name), and is a bit hard to understand in its British vernacular. So now it's mall-hopping around the burbs. Why this movie isn't playing at the Rave or a Ritz is a mystery. 

I'm surprised someone couldn't figure out some viral method of marketing it. Unless this now-you-see-it-now-you-don't pattern IS the marketing plan. There were  some net-based pop-up screening and a vote-for-ATB campaigns, but they didn't catch on. Somebody should have tried the direct approach -- spending money. Really, if you're going to budget dollars for "Apollo 18" or another "Conan," why not a movie that people actually like?