Argo, Shmargo

The made-in-Philly “Silver Linings Playbook” is finally shaping up to be the box office hit it deserves to be.
The numbers indicate “SLP” is riding on a wave of phenomenal word of mouth -- it made another $7 million over the weekend, holding an incredible 90 percent of its audience. The movie’s at $90 million an counting, and is very well positioned to earn a pile this holiday weekend, following Valentine’s Day.
It’s surely the best date-movie out there, and may be the best movie out there, period (although audiences are nearly as enthusiastic about “Zero Dark Thirty,” also holding on to its audience and approaching $100 million.)
Could any of this translate into Oscar night success?  “Argo” has turned into an awards-season beast -- it did well at the British “Oscars” over the weekend and has dominated the craft guild awards.
But I don’t know anyone who’s passionate about “Argo,” certainly not the way they are about “SLP.”
And “SLP,” by the way, is closely tracking the release pattern and box office trajectory of another Weinstein Co. picture that did well during awards season -- “The King’s Speech,” which made well over $100 million and won the Oscar for Best Picture two years ago.