Annual 'Radio Times' Top Ten Party

Last week I exchanged top ten lists on WHYY's "Radio Times" with Marty Moss-Coane and movie geek/politico/caddy Neil Oxman.

Marty's: "Beginners," "Drive," "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "Hanna," Hugo," "Ides of March," "Martha Marcy Mae Marlene," "Midnight in Paris," "Tree of "Life," "Point Blank."  

Neil's: "Beginners," "The Guard," "Moneyball," "The Artist," "The Descendants," "Hugo," "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," "MIdnight in Paris," "City of Life and Death," "Bridesmaids."

Mine, headed by "Attack The Block," followed by (in no particular order) "The Artist," "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," "The Guard," "Jane Eyre," "Midnight in Paris," "Take Shelter," "Undefeated," "Warrior," and "Win Win."  Two wrestling movies on a top ten list, that's a first.

I talked about "The Artist," and how it typified the year of the image ("Tree of Life," 'Melancholia," "War Horse") how directors like Scorsese ("Hugo"), Allen (Midnight"), Herzog ("Cave") used movies to rhapsodize about cinema or the artistic impulse. Also how nice it was to see comedy go in a different, more formal direction with 'Artist," "Midnight in Paris," or even a movie like "Cedar Rapids," which Neil and I both liked.

Performances I loved -- Gleeson in "The Guard," Fassbender and Wasikowska in "Jane Eyre." Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in "Take Shelter."

Marty/Neil picks that I particularly liked: "Hanna," "City of Forgotten Dreams."