Bin Laden, in Movie Terms

The Seal Team Six takedown of Bin Laden has inspired many movie references.

Jon Stewart titled his coverage “To Kill a Mockingturd.” Stephen Colbert noted that Bin Laden was shot in the left eye, which means there will be “no 3D movies for you in hell, where I’m pretty sure it would be ‘The Last Airbender.’”

On 950 ESPN, Mike Missanelli took issue with the terrorist’s burial at sea. He would have preferred using the body for “Weekend at Bernie’s” hijinx, or a propping it up in a display box, like Morgan Freeman in “Unforgiven.”

Of course, that inspired Clint Eastwood to go on a killing spree, and we don’t want that. Not with a hundred thousand servicemen within mortar range of angry Bin Laden fans.

I’m thinking more “Godfather.” Send a couple of tilapia filets wrapped in Osama’s kevlar vest to relevant parties. A Sicilian message. Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes.