Tough father versus mother nature

With Irene coming and the Not-So-Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011 behind us, I naturally worry about nature’s effects on the Little Girl.

I was told that when the earthquake struck, my daughter slept through it. “What earthquake?” she asked.

Irene is another story. Heavy storms unnerve my girl, and she worries when the power goes out, fearful that her connection to important parts of the world is severed. I’ve made a game of lighting candles and looking for flashlights, but the Little Girl doesn’t like it when she knows she’s off the grid.

The belief I carry within is that a strong and determined father can protect his child from most things. A world of heaving tectonic plates and swirling winds renders that belief laughable.

Irene will come and the Little Girl will simply hunker down and survive. I don't know if there's a lesson in there for her.

Maybe we can talk about it, once the winds die down.