Pampering pops with daddy diaper parties

Have you heard about these daddy diaper parties?


They’re also referred to as “man showers” or “dad-chelor” parties.


Essentially, guys organize a shindig for a man whose wife is about to have a baby. Often, guests bring diapers. (“I got you the extra-absorbent kind, Dave. Enjoy.”)


It’s 21st-Century recognition of how dads do more child-rearing these days, and are more involved in the birthing process in general.


The word you’re searching for as you read this is “lame.”


Come on, guys. It’s your women who must endure 23 hours or whatever of hallucinatory pain to bring a life into the world. Certainly, they're the ones who should enjoy the recognition and honor of a baby shower.


But men having a pre-birth party smacks of that everybody-deserves-a-trophy-for-participating sort of thinking that is so much a part of the culture now:


“Good job, buddy, you got the lady pregnant. Here’s a pat on the back. Now step aside as doctors pull a bloody human out of your wife.”


Sure, I’m a cynic, but it gets tiresome watching adults act like children pirouetting for approval and recognition for less-than-auspicious acts.


Baby showers are boring but vital rites of passage. Every mom-to-be should have one.


And the guys' role is simple: Pull up the car and load the gifts into the trunk. 'Atta boy, big fella.